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How To Develop a Habit of Self-Learning

Learning things by yourself nowadays is easier than ever before, but the challenge is actually doing it. Even though we can open a browser and access almost unlimited amount of information, often we do not do it. Why? because using the things available for us requires a strong will and a self-discipline. What is the point of having all those amazing educational tools if you will never use it? That’s why today we wanted to talk about disciplining yourself to learn by yourself. Remember, impossible is nothing and it is never too late to start learning.


Motivating yourself to do things is the only way you can keep learning new stuff. Otherwise it will become dull and you will simply stop doing it. That is why it is important to motivate yourself all the time. You can do it by reminding yourself why you started learning or remember the guy or a girl you want to impress. You can watch videos about smart people that will make you want to be like them. There are tons of ways and it is individual what could be motivational, but once you find what motivates you, keep doing it, because it will help you to stick with learning habits.

Be Realistic

It is also very important to be realistic about your goals. No matter how much you want it, most likely you will not be able to become an expert of Quantum Physics in 2 months (unless you are a super genius). So, if you set up that goal expect to achieve that in 2 months, you will be disappointed and will lose a motivation to continue learning. That’s why you should always start small and set a micro goals. Achieving those tiny goals will keep you motivated.

Remove Distractions

If you decided to learn playing piano, start practicing and in 5 minutes you end up looking at your phone, then you have a thing that distracting you. Getting rid of them is a good way to stay productive. We are not suggesting to throw away your phone. Simply put it in another room. Distraction could be your laptop, TV, your friend (ask them to come back later) and anything as the word suggests distracts you from doing something that you decided mentally to do.

Learn things that will be useful

Instead of learning things that you will never use, like quantum physics when you are a cook for example, try to learn something that you can actually use in real life. Sure, you can still learn physics and work in the kitchen, but often people lose motivation to keep learning when they never use what they learned. If you have a problem with motivating yourself, then try to avoid focusing on vague, useless things and teach yourself something useful.

That was it for today. Hopefully the information above will be enough to keep you on track and never stop learning new stuff. Make learning a habit and you will acquire lots of amazing information and skills in the near future.

Lifelong TeacherHow To Develop a Habit of Self-Learning
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