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How To Be a Lifelong Learner

Learning is for everyone and it does not stop when we graduate from the school or from the college. It also does not mean that you can not learn without attending them. We live in a digital era and the information available for us is huge. Only with a simple internet connection a person can explore the wonders of the world and access the knowledge of the humankind since the beginning of time. At LifeLongAcademy we believe that anyone can learn anything regardless of age or a location. Today, we share with you some tricks to keep learning no matter what.

Read online magazines. One amazing thing about the internet is that it is full of amazing websites that share interesting articles about different topics mostly for free. You can use Search Engine like Google to search for any topic you are interested in and then open websites to read articles. There are so many journals out there such as National Geographics or Time Magazine. They have different sections that include a variety of topics such as Politics, Sports, Business, and others.

Watch YouTube educational channels. Learning has never been easier with dozens of amazing YouTube channels that publish entertaining educational videos about different topics. CrashCourse, for example, will teach you subjects that you learn in schools like physics, history, literature, philosophy, and others. There are others who have small 5 minute videos about interesting facts, infographics and thought to provoke questions.

Visit local museums. If you live in a large city, there should be several interesting museums around you. With only a few dollars you can get access to amazing art or historic artifacts. You’d be surprised how many museums are out there (even ones about telephones, coffee, and cars).

Get a library membership and start reading books. If you are reading this in English, most likely you are from the country that offers public libraries that are free for the locals (and for foreigners as well in most of the places). It takes only a few minutes to get a membership and then you can borrow and read any book they have. Don’t get scared of the prices of the books at the shops. Sure, it is nice to own one, but the reading process and what you learn from it is what really matters. Read anything you like from fiction or non-fiction. With literature, you will enhance your vocabulary, imagine different interesting scenarios and have lots of fun. With non-fiction or scientific books you will gain tons of knowledge about different subjects such as politics, society, science, and others.

Have a conversation with strangers. Yes, our parents told us not to talk to them, but if you are adult now, you can have a nice chat with complete strangers once in a while. Talk to them while enjoying coffee at the coffee shop or while sitting on the bus. There are lots of interesting people out there and they will share many interesting things with you if you talk to them.

Hopefully, all these ways will be helpful to keep learning new stuff. Remember, Always stay open-minded and try to learn something new every day.

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