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Learning Mindset And How It Will Make You Smarter

Being lifelong learner requires more than motivation. If the desire of becoming smarter is short-termed, then soon you will stop the journey. That is why it is necessary to have a learning mindset. When you are psychologically set towards improving yourself mentally, nothing will stop you and soon you will realize how much of the progress you made. We covered topics of getting right habits for learning or reading lots of books without paying anything. Now we want you to keep that desire of learning by understanding how to have the right mindset.

You should always remind yourself why you want to learn new things. Just like with any goals that you set in life, it is important to be aware of why you are giving so much effort. When the reading or practicing gets dull and boring, it is super easy to give up and start doing something easier like playing video games for example. At that moment, when you are about to stop learning, tell yourself this: “I want to get smarter, stronger and better and this is the only way of doing it”. You will get reminded of your goal and you will jump back to the mindset of a disciplined person. Remember, defeating those impulses of being lazy is the key component of building a strong and smart self.

How many times the following has happened to you: you decide to achieve a goal, plan everything and start the journey towards your desired outcome. Then, after a few days, you suddenly start getting lazy and give up. You don’t even remember that spark of enthusiasm that made you start a few days ago. What happened? The problem is that your brain forgets that feeling and stops wanting to do things that make it boring. Reminding yourself how much you want to learn new things and get smarter will wake your brain up.

The human brain is the most developed biological organ in the world, but when it comes to understanding our mental choices, it gets really stubborn. That’s why it is important to make sure you play with it and not against it. Instead of trying to trick your brain and try to force it to learn, make sure it actually enjoys the process. Sounds strange, but by eliminating random and unimportant distractions like social media scrolling or texting your friends all the time, your brain will be more focused on important topics and you will have an easier time learning new things.

We have another strange approach for you. Try to ‘program’ your brain by constantly telling yourself that you enjoy learning very much. Have you ever heard about ‘fake it until you make it’? That method actually works. When you spend a month telling yourself that your chemistry assignment is really enjoyable, then you will actually start enjoying doing it. Even if it actually is really boring.

Trying to program your brain is not enough, however. Sometimes you really need that external motivation. You can get that easily by reading biographies of your heroes, watching daily vlogs of very smart and successful people and having a conversation with your friends about intellectual topics. When you interact with smart people and see how they live, you get motivated to become as knowledgeable as they are.

There are many successful people from the present or the past that can be great motivators. The great scientists, artists or social activists impacted the lives of millions of people and their biographies are available everywhere – online or offline. You can visit your local library and read how their discipline and hard work made them who they were. You can watch videos about them on YouTube for free.

That’s it for today. Follow the tips above and we guarantee you will have a truly amazing mindset of lifelong learning.

Lifelong TeacherLearning Mindset And How It Will Make You Smarter
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