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How To Read Lots of Books For Free

Reading is one of the best habits for lifelong learning. The problem is, the books can get expensive. Whether it is the normal paperback books or the eBook, they sometimes cost up to 20 dollars. But there are options to get tons of books for free online without breaking your wallet. Let us check out some of these free ways of reading:

The Public Library Option – There is always the option of going to the public library nearby and getting a library card. Since most of these libraries offer the eBook library option, getting this card will be helpful in the long run. There is the benefit of reading as well as downloading a number of eBooks by going to this library’s website. With the extensive number of books available in these libraries, one gets the option of choosing their favorite books from any category.  Since these books can be accessed online, there are options to extend the reading period online itself. There is no worry of late payment or rushing through the book as the rental period is getting over. In case you have not finished the book, then you can simply submit the book and claim it again online.

Through E-Book Reader Websites – There are plenty of websites and app which allow users to read their favorite books online without any kind of subscription fee. Choose the website which will suit your needs. One famous website is Project Gutenberg, which has several options to read online and to download the book. Then there are Smashwords which has an extensive collection of books from independent publishers. This website can be searched easily to find your favorite book.  One other website in this category is Scribd. This site has, however recently changed the options to a subscription model. But there is the option to try out its extensive collections of books for the first month as the trial period is free. This site has a lot of collection apart from books like magazines, journals, audio books etc.

Once the website is chosen, then simply register with the website by entering all the basic details. Each website will require a different set of details and a set of username and password will have to be given. Following this, the account will have to be verified with the email verification process. There will be options to get notifications through email on the update of new books which can be opted by the user.

Via Kindle – One popular option to read books comfortably is through Kindle. While reading through Kindle is not free, there are options like searching for the free books via Amazon website and by opting for the trial period in Kindle. You can go to the Amazon website and search for the free kindle books. If you like a book you can immediately add it to the list as the offer might be for a limited period. If you are an Amazon Prime member then, take advantage of one free book per month through the Kindle Lending Library.

Hopefully we’ve covered everything you need to start reading books for free. Now read this article to get you a right mindset for the journey of becoming lifelong learner.

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