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Best Career Options For Self-Taught Individuals

There are several career options for people who did not go through the normal route of getting a degree and going for a job. These days there are plenty of courses available in the online space through which individuals can teach themselves and look out for a career in that. Few such options are listed below.

Web Designing – Like websites?

In this digital world, every business needs an online presence in the form of a website. But not many know how to create a website. There are options where one can take a course in web designing and go into developing full-fledged business. In case you do not possess such skills, then you can opt for designing simple business for the basic budget. There are a number of freelancing sites online through which these website projects can be undertaken.

How about Social Media Consultant?

If you are someone who spends most of your time on the social media websites, then this is the perfect job for you. There are several businesses that look for individuals capable of promoting their businesses, events, products, etc in all the social media platforms. Since social media are being no longer just a networking platform, but a business circle too, it is now seen as the optimal way to market one’s product. You can learn about marketing in the social media platforms and become a consultant for it.

Start Writing

If you are someone who is fond of writing, then you are in the safe zone here. This is because there is plenty of content needed in the online space for blogs and websites. To write this content freelance writers are in demand. This stream can vary from simple blog writing, emails for marketing, ghost-writing etc. Since there are plenty of opportunities here the demand for a qualified writer is always on the rise. This is a good option for people who want to work in their own space.

Video Creation can be fun

You-Tube is now a space for more than just entertaining videos. Videos in all fields like music, educational, instructional, marketing, etc are trending in this video platform. You can create videos and start your own channel. If not you can create videos for others and earn money by selling your service. Apart from YouTube lots of businesses look for people who can create a quality custom video for their business in order to promote it on their website and other social media sites. By selling your video making skills to these types of companies, there is a good prospect of developing a career here.

Interior Designing is really in demand

If you are someone who has an artistic eye and love to design stuff, then this is the space for you. Many people want to style their houses but are not aware of how to do it the right way. In many urban areas, the design skills can be put to use by decorating the interior spaces of people’s houses who do not know how to bring their dream house into a reality.  This also involves the furniture decoration which can be taken as a whole new stream.

Online Selling – Not much fun, but you can make tons of money

There are several sites like eBay available on the E-Commerce platforms which will allow users to sell their product online. You can source some low-cost product and sell on eBay for a better price. This can be done on a regular basis to increase the profits. There are even options to create an online store separately and sell the products in the store through eBay. The only skill needed here is to source or buy products with some advantage at a budget price and sell it a little higher.


Lifelong TeacherBest Career Options For Self-Taught Individuals
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