What makes the 21st century the best era in the history of mankind? The ability of learning anything a person desires without paying a dime. That’s right, nowadays you can get knowledge without even leaving your living room. The digital transformation of our civilization allowed us to reach new heights of our mental development and we have the Internet to thank for that.

What can you find here?

LLA-SM is a non-profit organization with the mission of spreading the popularity of self-learning. We want to make sure that everyone understands the power of modern tools. The education system is becoming old and the people struggle finding themselves in the world where everyone is judged by the paper we call diploma. How many people do you know with a degree who barely understands his field? A lot.

Why us?

We don’t want anything from you. We do not put up ads and do not track any of your activity online (apart from basic statistics to see that our website is growing). All we care about is you learning new things.

Can you write for us?

You are more than welcome. However, we need to make sure everything is well-written. So, we will review and edit your contribution before publishing.

How can you contact us?

We have a nice contact page with a nice contact form that you can use to contact us.

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